Guide to Article Review Writing

The basic purpose of article review is to provide a synopsis about any piece of writing. If your instructor gives you a topic to write reviews that clearly means that your instructor wants to see whether you have fully understood the topic or not.

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Article Review Writing

Article review can be written about anything, like you can write a review about a product or service, a book even you can write a review about the movie also. It does not matter at all that on what subject you are writing your review, the important thing is you should write something good. There is no rocket science involved in writing article review. Even if you do not have good writing skills you will be able to do it very easily if you follow simple steps of writing review article.

In this article, we are providing a simple guideline which will help them in writing a review by evaluating information in your given article.

Review writing steps:

  • Go through the topic carefully. Highlight important phrases, on which you want to do further research
  • Look for information on the internet, make notes which will help you in generating paragraphs
  • Discuss your topic which the person who is involved in this field. For example, if you are writing an article related to movie than you can have an interview session with the director or producer
  • Try to collect enough material to write a review article
  • Adjust your time, so that you get enough time for collecting relevant information and writing article.
  • Review article involves critics, so choose your writing style accordingly
  • Remember, you are asked to write a review not a description, so evaluate and analysis information in a proper manner.

Topic selection tips:

Mostly your instructor will assign you a topic for review, but in some cases writer is provided with the option to choose their own topic. In that case, choose a topic which you find most interesting or either, you can also take opinion from expert to recommend you a topic so that you can write a review.


  • Always provide the brief description about the main point in your article.
  • Do not only describe the primary article, write a review which tells your own assessment about the topic.
  • Your review topic should relate your main subject.
  • According to your own understanding decide which information is more relevant and important and which information should be added first.
  • Focus on your writing quality
  • Provide your opinion in the concluding paragraph, that how can it be improved in the future. Draw a complete and clear picture of your primary article.

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